1. sprintf() returns elements of the result in UTF-8 when the format or any character input has a corresponding element declared as UTF-8. Similarly for paste(), elements of the

  2. result are in UTF-8 when any input to that element is declared as UTF-8.

  3. axis() has new arguments 'col.ticks' and 'lwd.ticks' to allow the colour and line width of ticks to be set separately from that of the line (e.g. to set one or the other to transparent

  4. or zero width).

  5. legend() has a new argument 'box.col' to set the colour of the enclosing box.

  6. legend() gains a 'xpd' argument to make it easier to place a legend in the margins or outer margins.

  7. stripchart() now passes '...' to title() (as well as to plot.default() and axis()). (Wish of PR#12202)

  8. help.search() has new argument 'searchEngine' to go directly to the search form: this is needed by users of Firefox 3 to workaround a bug in interpreting the search results pages.


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